EXO couples

I luv EXO couples, Luchen & More

They are going steady.

「Luhan is my ideal type」

Lay hugged

luchen during Angel in Jakarta



140830 広州 luchen


140830 広州 luchen

Nochin_bybe (1, 2, 3, 4)


140831 Lotte Duty Free 2014 Family Concert
wolf luchen


[OPV/THAI SUB] LuChen - Just Because I Like You

140823 Chen hugging Luhan


ANOTHER CHEN AND LUHAN HUG OMG DO YOU FEEL ME #luhan #chen #chenlu #luchen #exo #tlpsg


Preciousss #luchen

Chen being pushed by Kai to give Luhan a hug but then run away like a teenage girl in love.

luchen HUG!

140823 luchen@Singapore

xiumin choosing lay as the member he wants to exchange solo performance with.